Wednesday, April 23, 2008

OFFICIAL DBC announcement- Milwaukee Conference & Rally!

Starring the world-famous ELLA MAE LENTZ and other DBC core members, this vlog shares all YOU need to know about the DBC conference & rally at Milwaukee June 27-30, 2008!


Darla Thompson said...

See you all there! ASL power!
The mother in this vlog is a great inspiration for all of us!

Anonymous said...

you need to have addition in flyer about campground in Racine, Wisconsin so i know that many deafies rather to have campground instead of hotels as cost price.. so about 15 to 20 min to drive from campground to downtown... pls do it smile

Gary said...

You have inspired me.

Yes, I will be there to be part of history, PAH!

Deb Ann said...

You have inspired all of us!

Darro said...

Hello, This is Darrell Roby, I would like to volunteer to have ASL storytelling to show how powerful ASL is for every deaf children to understand. I do live in Madison and only one hour to Milwaukee and I am ready to surrender my time for a whole weekend to DBC!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello This is Kelley Kirschke from NY... I will see you all there!! I am really looking forward to give my support for this cause!!!

Anonymous said...

Ask PEPSI for thier sponsor or donated many Pepsi Case
and give AGBell some pepsi
Go Pepsi Go Pepsi

Anonymous said...

Hi I am an AgBell member, but I will be at the Deaf Bilingual Conference! I am hoping to convince my friends too...

Anonymous said...

Darrell Roby,
Fabulous....Please contact

RLM said...

Superbu!!!!! I will email you about many ideas for the DBC conference, DBC's Wisconsin chapter and rally.

I do not want the AgBAD members get ahold of our plans.

Good job, DBC!

Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Anonymous said...

Hello, this is Darrell Roby and I am on board with Wisconsin Association of the Deaf, I spoke to them about AGBell has brought the lawsuits against the school programs that use ASL. They need evidence first not hearsay, oh boy, i wonder if you can help me out where to find an article that claimed about AGBell lawsuits on school? let me know. thanks.

Lonamstven said...

some suggestions:

1) get insurance for child care
2) I agree with above posting about using a campground as an alternate to the high cost of room (make another announcement?)
3) get an expert media liaison to work w/ media
4) two books that may be helpful--
a)Don't Think of an Elephant: Know Your Values and Frame the Debate--The Essential Guide for Progressives by George Lakoff
b)Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky

good luck
Ira Rothenberg

Anonymous said...

this is a response to a blog few months old..
looks like i stand corrected-

had been getting emails that keep informing me that funding for ASL tutoring does exist..
it is up to parents to request such services at LEA as long as the deaf child is under age 21.

will the ASL tutor be paid the same as a speech therapist?
i cannot answer that but i understand that it is negotiable..

good luck
i send all of you good vibes

Anonymous said...

HI! Gulp! 7 more weeks , you guys better hurry up!This is me,AnnaMarie
from Las Vegas,NV.I am all READY for DBC Education conference.I am looking forward to give my 100% support for this excellent & simply wonderful FUN
in the lives of Deaf Babies and their families.See you alllllllll there!
Best of the Luck!

Paul said...

It looks like a good time to go up to Milwaukee! Hope to plan on doing that.

I would love to see DBC Chapter in Missouri as well!

I just talked to Ella Mae Lentz and she is encouraging me and others to come up there.

It sounds like a jolly good time to ensure that we have empowered more deaf individuals for the right to use ASL in communities.


Paul =)

Brian DCO said...

This is Brian with Deaf Channel Organization, Would like to say to DBC, YOU have our FULL SUPPORT!!
I WISH GO BUT give you the support!
Thank you for make it happen!

Anonymous said...

I am the hearing parent of a deaf child. I would love to learn more, but your videos are not captioned and my ASL is still not great. It is very hard for me to find out more about this conference because your videos aren't captioned! HELP!