Monday, March 24, 2008

DBC California Update #2 at the Rally in AG Bell State Conference

Here is the last update report from David Eberwein. Thanks to Nick Horn for sharing his link that includes beautiful and inspiring photos of DBC-California peaceful rally that you can view it below.

DBC Report #7: (note: this is not a transcript of the video above)

Wow we just wrapped up. Total in attendance more likely 100-150! ( AG Bell only had 40 attendees!). The sheriff requested to talk with us so we gathered with him engaging in a dialogue. He very gratefully thanked us for being "the best group he's ever worked with"!! He complimented us on how we kept our area clean, peaceful, etc.! :)

Yoga was fun- tried to get kids involved but the kids were more for running around so adults joined in for some stretching on the grass. It was fun!

Then AG Bell ended at 4 PM without any wrap-up. Cat, Beth (DBC reps to AGB) came out and reported to us that after the keynote, it was very technical-focused, and the panel with 5 recent college graduates (all Deaf, oral etc.)... They shared their experiences at college, and a common theme was frustration, strife, etc. They've gained 150 new friends in us, DBC CA! And right now a few went back to us and are mingling with us. We've invited 'em to our suite party tonight. :)

We closed with a few more announcements after the sheriff spoke with us. More chants, etc. and one middle school student proudly declared that she and here young friends are our next generation and that they'd continue our work! :)

It was a great day with a large number of DBC participants, peacefulness, including having a great diversity in our rally.

We did good and it is only the beginning!


Anonymous said...

The Sheriff and police RV were still stupid at the scene and they don't understand what the protestors were.

DE said...

Addendum- the number is now at 200 participants. Yes, 200 came to the DBC rally! :)

Deb Ann said...

well done!

Thank you soo much for supporting ASL.

Nick Horn said...

Whoa, 200! Way go, but let's hope we will see much more coming in late June in Milwaukee! :)

...::: Nick :::...