Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Official DBC Announcement 2: GUESS WHO THE SPEAKERS ARE??

DBC Founder, JOHN EGBERT, along with ELLA MAE LENTZ, DAVID O. REYNOLDS, and DE announce top-notch speakers for the DBC EDUCATION CONFERENCE in Milwaukee! You won't be disappointed!

Link to DBC Wisconsin's Jack Barr's excellent and CLEAR video of the hotel area, click here.

Link to DBC Education Conference registration, click here.

Don't forget to grab a room at Hyatt Regency, 333 W. Kilbourn Ave., Milwaukee, WI. FYI, rooms at the special DBC rate of $129 per night are nearly sold out. For additional information, click here.

There are alternatives to Hyatt below, thanks to DBC Wisconsin's wonderful Jason Altmann...
Hilton-Milwaukee City Ctr
509 W Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI

Best Western-Towne Hotel
710 N Old World 3rd St, Milwaukee, WI

Inn Towne Hotel
710 N Old World 3rd St, Milwaukee, WI

Courtyard-Milwaukee Downtown
300 W Michigan St, Milwaukee, WI
414-291-4122 (0.12 miles away)

Doubletree Hotel Milwaukee City Center
611 W Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI

Hampton Inn-Downtown
176 W Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI

Pilsner Palace
333 W Kilbourn Ave, Milwaukee, WI

Ramada-Downtown City Ctr
633 W Michigan St, Milwaukee, WI

Residence Inn-Downtown
648 N Plankinton Ave, Milwaukee, WI

Inter Continental Milwaukee
139 E Kilbourn Ave, Milwaukee, WI

Staybridge Suites-Milwaukee
1201 N Edison St, Milwaukee, WI

Pfister Hotel
424 E Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI

Comfort Inn-Milwaukee
916 E State St, Milwaukee, WI


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Thank you all for doing this for Deaf Babies... The speakers.... Ohhhh... They are so GOOD....


David said...

Coolest Advertisment of all!


Anonymous said...

Maria says, I am from Florida. There is something to tell that my Deaf brother will be going to Milwakee, WI. He decided to come when he saw a picture of me at ASL EXPO. He supports DBC.

ninatexas04 said...

I'll be in East Africa. Be sure to tape every presenter for future use and resource. It is a must!
Thank you.

Amy said...


What are the speakers' topics?

Will you share that with us too?


Amy Cohen Efron

DBC said...


Thank you for your kind words. We are very pleased that the speakers have agreed to help support the cause of ALL babies signing, by donating their time and expertise to DBC.

Amy- yes we will publish everything (their presentation topics, schedule, etc. etc.) as soon as they are finalized. It's a month to go before Milwaukee, and we are madly chasing after every little detail. :)


DBC said...


Yes, we have every intention to film the presenters and the entire conference & rally. Yes, this is HISTORY in making.


Rev. Jay Croft said...

Wonderful! Wish I could be there to help rattle the cages of AGBell.

Terminology is important. "Presenters" is a better word to use than "speakers," I think.

Anonymous said...

Your motto, "sign from the start, success for a lifetime," way smart!

DBC conference speakers: awesome! a touch of of the East and the West! keep in touch with more juicy details....may i suggest some hands on presentations for fun for the crowd?

If I am not able to show up---please vlog these successes. Track em down as herstory not just history! Lol-- we ladies are stakeholders, shakers and movers in this life for change!

Big big thanks for keeping ASL on the map as fingers/palms/faces doing the all talking with an eye full here and there! May the parents celebrate their child's multi-linguistic and multiple language mastery in future days of young Deaf and hard of hearing Americans!

From Boston with fond regards and sincere appreciation of your work and role models in the art and science of what makes a language work!

Me who? Suzy

PS Genie: best of luck with the new move....Ohlone College--and keep vlogging!

Platonic's Eye said...

HI there,
It sounds very excited and big event at that conference in Milwaukee. You got well known six speakers at that place. I wish I could go there and listen all of what guest speakers will say!!1
In my heart, I am behind you all the way!!!

Anonymous said...

Is this event interpreted at all
for the signing impaired?

CheryL from MA said...

Hi everyone,
I'm sad not going to DBC conf. in June!!! To DBC staff, thanks so much for everything, you all are role models & hero!!! keep it up!! So, have fun there!!

DBC forever :)

DBC said...


Yes, this conference will be interpreted! We are working hard at finding interpreters at this moment. DBC believes it is important that hearing parents of Deaf children have access to ALL information! One of the reasons why this conference is FREEEEE (no registration costs!) is to attract as many hearing parents of Deaf children as possible.

Anonymous said...

Please provide captions for us hearing parents of deaf babies. If you want to reach us, you have to make accommodations!

Barb DiGi said...

Thank you for your feedback. We try our best to make it accessible as much as possible but please note that we tend to post transcripts for the most of the time. Subtitling is a very time consuming task and it is a challenge to expect volunteers to find the time to do it. If anyone is willing to be volunteers, please contact Thanks!