Tuesday, October 16, 2007

DBC At ASL Expo in Florida video clip

The Deaf Bilingual Coalition had a fabulous time this past Saturday, October 13th, at the ASL Exp in Kissimmee, Florida. DBC was able to establish networking and met so many wonderful people. It was a huge success. The people of Florida are enthusiastic and motivated to help DBC with the mission of ensuring all Deaf babies and children have a right to access language from the state through ASL. Thank you, Florida!


Anonymous said...

This is Maria. I admitted that I was very shy during the video shoot of me, but I won’t lecture.

I want to say thank you Tami, David, Carl and Stephen for working hard with our teams at the booth at the ASL EXPO. Please don’t allow ASL to become a lost world language.

Todd, I know you live Florida and you can join our teams.

Cherry said...

This was great! loved it. Good job!

Ella Mae Lentz said...

Thanks Florida DBC Team (Maria, Carl, Stephen, DR and Tami)!!
Videos are always a blessing to help us feel almost as if we are there!
250 people! wow! Thanks again.

DBC said...

Florida DBC Team, you rock! Thank you for your time and caring for Deaf babies' educational/social/emotional welfare.

JBaldridge said...

I could see awkward in the video. Just suggest for the next time to show more excitement and informative vlog that could be your "public relation" for DBC.

However, I greatly support this coalition bring strong mission and purpose for the future of the community. Gaining your influence around the country. Keep it up!