Monday, September 24, 2007

The DBC's flyer and plans on International Day of Sign Languages

Here you will see a flyer that you can post it in public places or pass it around in your community. It is a good way to spread more awareness about the benefits of using signs and for people to gain more understanding about the celebration of the International Day of Sign Languages.

Friends of DBC will participate in the following events:

  • Movie Showing at California School for the Deaf, Fremont
  • Colorado Pre-Rally (September 26th) at Rocky Mountain Deaf School, Cherry Creek Hotel and Rally on Sept. 28th and 29th
  • Rally/March on Saturday at RIT Field House
  • Minnesota Deaf Community March
  • Indiana Deaf Community March
  • Deaf Hope's Tea Party at Castro Valley, CA
  • ASL film WRONG GAME by Mark Wood sponsored by NorCal Center
  • Deaf Celebration Day at Summit Place Mall in Michigan
  • Deaf Awareness Day at San Diego, CA (SD Chapter of California Association of the Deaf and San Diego chapter of American Sign Language Teachers Association)
  • International Deaf and Sign Languages Day march in Salem, Oregon
  • Celebrate ASL at Gallaudet University led by the National Association of the Deaf and the ASL and Deaf Studies Department.
  • And much more as listed on NAD site.
Kudos to NAD to coordinate this special event here in Deaf America! Information about NAD's involvement is explained by DBC's friend, Raychelle at her site.

Please feel free to add your plans to celebrate and don't forget to pass out the flyer. Remember it is for the sake of Deaf babies!

Have a splendid time!


Anonymous said...

Celebrate ASL!" Nationwide Event Listing

Anonymous said...

The flyer is impressive and clear! Great job with the design! I have faith in you all spearheading the way for the rights of Deaf babies!