Thursday, August 9, 2007

#5 Children in the AG Bell Conference Protest

You will see different children, both deaf and hearing, making comments during the AG Bell Conference Protest.

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Thanks to Ruthie Jordan for her filming and editing work!

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Mish said...

Thanks for sharing this. I got all teary watching those children signing away to their heart's desires. That is how it should be! You can see how intelligent those children are.... they were allowed to use their natural language. It enriches their language development. I do not understand the AGB philopshy and how it is benefical for the children. It does nothing but isolate the deaf children and put a huge barrier to their language development. I should know because I was the child raised on the AGB philosphy. I felt cheated out of a beautiful language that could have sharpen my language skills and open many doors for me. It alienated me from BOTH hearing and deaf community. I did not feel natural because I was forced to be oral and was able to sign SEE. I did not speak clearly enough or is too different to be accepted in the hearing community and I did not sign ASL or was ignorant of deaf culture to be accepted into the deaf community. (Good news, I am accepted in the deaf community now so life is good)

Just thought I'd share my experiences. Keep up the good work and spread the knowledge! You are doing a great thing for children and I am proud of you. Wish you were around when I was young and save me all the grief, lol.